New Campus

Campanile, Church and proposed campus buildings 

lagoon proposal.jpg

Gasholder site

A disused gas-holder site on the northern lagoon at Venice

lagoon sketch copy.jpg

Dystopian secular future London; Rooftop favelas on Christs Church, Spitalfields. Graduate work. Measured pencil drawing


Funeral chapels and mourners. Collage and paint.

chapels 2.jpg



Venice -

Campii. The public spaces, their connections and sculptural placement. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 19.41.08.png
Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 19.41.17.png

Twisted Column

For the Extra Care facility at the Aylesbury Estate. A sketch card model for a square column that twists through 45 degrees to give the illusion of tapering. It also enables it to fit within a tighter footprint if inverted.


Camden- 3 Sites

This illustration of three separate (Mæ) projects for the redevelopment of Kentish Town (elderly care, live / work and large residential capacity study), shows their potential relationships -  with each other and their context - a mat of Victorian and Edwardian terraces with larger later stuff, public houses, a market, a sports centre, a brewery and a railway line.